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Product & Services

Turbine Group provide varieties of products and services that maximize our customers'ss satisfaction and needs. With our professional solution, we promise to provide only the best

With diversified service offering ranging from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, Integrated digital Conference System, CCTV System, Computerised Traffic Signal System, Intelligent Transportation System, Public Address System, Security Access System, Automatic Video Detection System, MATV System and Electrical Services, we guarantee that we can satisfy our customers' satisfaction.

ELV Systems:

- Integrated Video and Audio Digital Conferencing System
- CCTV system (security surveillance)
- Digital Public Address System
- Security Access System
- Sound Reinforcement System
- MATV System

ICT Solutions:

- Structured Cabling
- Network Infrastructure
- Computer Systems
- Network and Data Security Solutions
- Software Development, Customisation and Integration

ITS Solutions:

- Traffic Management Centre
- CCTV System (traffic surveillance)
- Computerised Traffic Signalisation System
- Automatic Video Detection System for traffic application
- SCATS traffic management system

Electrical Services:

- High/Medium/Low Voltage System
- Electrical Wiring and Cabling Works

Aeration Preventive Solution:

- IOT based System
- On shore Aquaculture aeration maintenance
- Local command center
- Scalable and flexible network solution
- Real time monitoring

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